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Our Background in Colorado Transitions



Relocating to Colorado, how exciting!  We love Colorado and look forward to helping you transition to your new home and new life. We believe the high level of customer service we provide at Kalush Group is particularly valuable to buyers relocating to the area.


Moving has been called one of life's most stressful endeavors.  However, it doesn't have to be. As successful Colorado realtors with a love for relocation, Kalush Group is motivated to ease your transition.  Our process combines thoughtful, careful planning with deep local experience and efficient transaction capabilities to ensure a successful and seamless move.


We will guide you through all the major decisions so you can focus on the exciting adventure of your move.


"There are far better things ahead than the ones we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis


Our Background

Kalush Group is an award-winning realtor based in Boulder, Colorado with sales over $30 million annually.  Our team includes Boulder and Denver natives and long-time Boulder residents that have called Boulder home for years. 

  • Kristin Kalush is a CU Boulder alum that was drawn back to the area for its beautiful landscape and vibrant community.  She and her husband have raised their two children here.
  • Dave Rich is a Denver native who now calls Boulder home.
  • Marsha Badger is a Boulder native who raised her family in town and has worked in Boulder real estate for 30 years.
  • Jill Midthun spent several years living in Aspen, CO and has lived in downtown Boulder since 2003.
  • Heather Vieth moved to Boulder in 2008 with husband, a serial entrepreneur in Boulder's natural foods industry.  They love raising their three children in Boulder.
  • Courtney Uyeshiro and her husband, a tech executive, relocated to Boulder from the Bay Area, CA in 2010 and are raising their four children here.



Our Value as Relocation Experts


Our Value

At Kalush Group, our number one goal is to add value to each involved party. We accomplish this through:


SEAMLESS Transactions for Corporate Clients: Whether for a recruit or new hire, referring Kalush Group will reflect well on your business.


QUALITY Search for Relocating Employee: We take your home search seriously.  Our primary focus is to find your best fit home, neighborhood and community.


Closing BENEFIT To You: Ask us for details how we pass along a financial benefit upon close.


VALUED Partnership: Kalush Group values our relationship with our corporate clients and their employees.  We are eager to work together to promote your business.




Our Process

1. Needs Assessment

We spend time getting to know our clients' lifestyle and home goals to dial in our search, accelerating the path to securing the best fit home.


Factors we consider:

  • Financial budget and goals 
  • Desired size: number of bedrooms/bath, square footage
  • Home style: traditional, modern, historic, ranch
  • Stage of home: Turn Key/Move-in Ready, New Build or a home with remodel potential
  • Layout desired: single or multi-floor living
  • Lifestyle: where will "your world" exist - work or school commutes, activities

2. Making A Plan

  • Simultaneous Rent/Buy evaluation based on evailability and cost
  • Determining a schedule for target move in day and working backward to home search
  • Dialing in the home search based on Needs Assessment

3. Initial Virtual Home Tours 

  • Before the first in-person visit, we recommend client takes several virtual tours to narrow down homes of interest.  We are happy to host Video chat tours of homes as well.

4. Feedback-driven Search Revision

  • We will help you narrow down your search preferences to find the best fit home.
  • We will consider adding or subtracting neighborhoods and home style based on preference.

5. Best Fit Home Tours 

  • Once we have your top choices identified, we will line up a day or two of in person home tours.

6. Negotiations

  • In the current real estate market, it is more important than ever to have an expert to help negotiate terms.
  • We will help you determine your offer price and terms.  There exists is a delicate balance between offering too much/overpaying and offering too little/poor terms and losing out on the deal.

7. Plan for move and evaluation of post-move needs 

  • What resources do you have lined up and what do you need?  Home packing resources, movers, unpacking resources and organizers are the first ones to call.

8. Resource Reach Out

  • We love to connect clients to vetted and reliable resources. We know the best movers, inspectors, organizers, architects, builders, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and cleaners. We also have education consultants on hand to assist with school-related questions and evaluations.

9. Making it happen - we will sit down and identify the following:

  • Pre moving day inspections
  • Moving day logistics
  • Post move assistance

10. Community Connections: We keep in touch and love connecting people to their new community through activities and giving back.  In fact, a strong focus for Kalush Group is giving back to our community.  Our Founding Realtor, Kristin Kalush, is on the Board of Directors of Bridge House, a local non-profit focused on homelessness.


Special Resources


Education Experts

We recognize that moving and changing schools can be challenging. The Kalush Group’s Education Experts help families navigate school choice and secure any needed specialists for your children. Our scholastic consultant has over 25 years of experience in Boulder County Schools, specializes in regular and special educational placements, and brings to clients an exclusive database of tutors, therapists and college admission counselors.

Our team will put your family at ease by helping you find the best school for your children.

Our Process:

  1. Needs Assessment Meeting with parents - we meet in person or virtually to identify schools, support options and/or specialists.
  2. For younger students, we conduct a needs assessment which may include reviewing and assessing prior testing, evaluations and special needs (IEP/504/Behavior Plan).
  3. For high schoolers, we connect families with college admission counselors who can assist with admission strategies, SAT and ACT tutoring, college searches and application essays.
  4. Coordinate school visits
  5. Assist with application and registration deadlines
  6. Facilitate the enrollment process



Assisted Rental Search

The Boulder area rental market is tight. Well-priced rentals frequently receive multiple qualified applications and rent quickly. We are fully committed to helping with every aspect of the process and will do everything possible to position you to be approved over the other qualified applicants.

What we do:
  • Complete needs assessment based on your preferences, commute, and budget
  • Educate you on the rental market availability and process
  • Gather all required documentation for pre-approval
  • Search all sources to find available, criteria-matching rentals
  • Take you to top selected properties on viewing day
  • Assist with both the rental application and the lease agreement
  • Guide and help you throughout the entire process
  • Give you peace of mind by knowing you are in the best hands

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