Together we will find: your next home, neighborhood and community.

Let's Find Your Next Home

When you choose Higgins Kalush Collective to help you find your next home, we accept that reponsibility full heartedly.

Choosing your next home is emotional. Buying a property is transactional.

We bring our midwest kindness, deep realtor experience and Colorado connections to the table to meet all your goals and needs. We will start by sitting down with you and discussing your goals and parameters. Then we delve into your day to day. What does your day look like? Where is your "world" outside of home? Do we need to think about school or work commutes?

Once we outline the parameters, the search begins! We will tour homes virtually and/or in person. Then we continue the conversation, reevaluating your parameters as you decide what you like and dislike.

That's the one? Let's get after it! We will work with you to negotiate the best offer to get the home that caught your eye.

After we celebrate an accepted offer, our relationship does not end there. We want to ensure you feel at home and get settled in at your new home, neighborhood and community. Clients of Higgins Kalush Collective became our friends for life.


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